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Halonen fashion chain

Halonen is a Finnish company that is both trendy and up to speed. In Finland, it has stores in all main cities, either in the centre or in shopping malls. 

All stores have departments for women's and men's clothing and for shoes, all of which sell only the best brands on the market. Most Halonen stores also have a children's department. ZIP departments are designed for young and youthful customers. The sport department sells products relating to exercise in general and hiking in particular.

We have selected the brands for our Finnish clientele, taking into account quality, fitness, and balance between price and quality. The selection includes products for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our own brands guarantee price aware customers excellent quality at reasonable prices.

The company is registered in Helsinki and employs roughly 450 skilled professionals. Our subsidiary Oy Carlson operates in eastern Finland and has a similar fashion selection.

Since 1932, Halonen has grown into one of the largest private fashion companies in Finland.